Tech Day Fall 2020

Saturday Oct. 17, 2020

Tech Day Fall 2020 was held on Saturday Oct, 17th with just over 30 members and guest attending. The day started at 8:30 am with  a pancakes & sausage breakfast. Again this year we where very happy that Paul Vegas assumed his roll as "The Pancake Man" to handle the early morning cooking duties. By 9:30 am work started.
A Jambalaya lunch was cooked and supplied by member Paul LaBlace.

David helps Tiz change the oil in the final drive unit oil on Tiz's R1200R. Jim, Jeff & Charlie deep into Steve's R1200RT's body work.

Installing new LED bulbs in the R1200RT's headlight assembly. Thomas looking like he is enjoying a job well done.

and there was also a lot of kicking tires.

Ken and Marlem catching up.