Gulf South BMW Owners Club, Inc.

2020 Club Sponsored Contest

For 2020 Gulf South is currently running it's Annual Milage Contest ( a riding contest for our members).
  Please review the contest descriptions and rules below.
  Registration forms and additional information are located in the links below.

Annual Mileage Contest

This contest is an annual contest which runs from Thursday Dec. 5, 2019 ending at the December 2020 club meetin [12-2-19].
Open to all Gulf South members.

Award Categories are as follows:
  • Retired Rider Traveling
This category is for the long distance riders in our club.

  • Retired Non-Traveling Rider
If you are retired and just use your bike/s for the ocasional trip, day rides  and around town.

  • Employed Full-time Rider
If you still punch the clock (daily) this is where you belong.

If you would like to take part, open the link, fill in the fields and submit or scroll down, complete the form below and submit.

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